Legacy Matters Episode 27: The Beak Has Landed

Lazerbeak is one of this city’s music gems. An accomplished artist himself, he also heads the Doomtree Collective and record label, home to the likes of Dessa and P.O.S. Beak shares with the crew his commitment towards giving back to the community, raising thoughtful and well-rounded children, the importance of meditation and of course - some music stories. Jim proves he’s a true fan by sharing his own copy of Beak’s first CD from The Plastic Constellations!

Legacy Matters Episode 26: Reflections on the Greatest Generation

Catherine Gillis, co-founder of Mobile Composer, a software development company in Minneapolis, joins us for a discussion of legacy. After a couple of minutes talking boring work stuff, Catherine launches into the story of her Polish family and her journey to locate long lost relatives. Take a trip back through a tumultuous time in world history, when families separated by distance become separated more permanently by war and time.

Legacy Matters Episode 24: Pickin' and Grinnin' in Outing MN

On this episode Jim and Sam have a conversation with singer/songwriter Faith Boblett. As usual the conversation takes a few turns into uncharted territory...nothing new there I guess. Faith talks about her early life moving to Outing MN, as well as her time spent making music here in the Twin Cities. Faith is a real delight of a person, her music chasing her through these creative years.

Legacy Matters Episode 22: A Detective's Treasure Trove, Part 1

We welcome Darcy Klund - father, detective, and collector - to discuss life on the force and fond memories of beloved family. After 32 years with the City of Minneapolis Police Force, Darcy talks about passing his legacy down to the next generation and shares some interesting stories about life as a Detective. And, we begin an in-depth discussion on a treasure trove of collectibles passed down from a beloved uncle.

Legacy Matters Episode 21: Andelin Manifesto

Sam, Jim and Sarah are back with more fun thoughts on what constitutes good hair and fond childhood memories of “Clay Wars”. Speaking of good hair, Jim shares a polaroid of his 1980s rocking hair as he received the seminal Judas Priest album “Screaming for Vengeance”. And introducing the Andelin Manifesto, our response to continuingly being pushed to conform to conventional societal norms. When convention fails us, invention saves us. We’re doing things different here and aren’t afraid to say it!

Legacy Matters Episode 20: From the Heart

This episode of Legacy Matters features a difficult but necessary conversation with my friend Amanda. Amanda lost her husband to cancer early in 2019. We talk a bit about Jason. We also talk with Amanda about Amanda, her life and legacy, and what she is dealing with now. She is candid and real, as this is her nature. We even manage a few light moments.

Legacy Matters Episode 19: Hodgepodge

In this grab bag of an episode, Sam, Jim and Sarah reminisce about Easter Basket treats of youth, including musical treasures from the Bee Gees and ACDC (Jim’s favorite). We also explore VR, riddles vs. jokes, and what are those “point and click” games Sarah keeps rambling about. It’s a silly, fun, hodgepodge of a mess as the three Andelin Founders let off a little steam leading up to the soon-to-be app launch!

Legacy Matters Episode 18: The Museum of Self

A lifetime of work spanning the harrowed halls of UC-Berkley to the artist communities of NYC, artist Glenn Grafelman drops by to chat about the art world, playing a good game of darts, and creating a “museum of self”. With a prolific portfolio spanning painting, drawing, and sculpture, how does Glenn envision his work will live on for future generations to enjoy?

Legacy Matters Episode 12: Decluttering for 2019

Sam, Jim and Sarah, recovering from a hectic holiday season, make an attempt at New Year's resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Other frivolity ensues, including a Big Foot encounter story, deep sea creatures - and Sam's interest in bring back the male perm, a la Tom Selleck.

Legacy Matters Episode 11: Air Guitar All the Way

Sam, Jim and Sarah delight in their irreverence to chat about a range of topics, starting with Jim's Air Guitar painting series concept and favorite arena rock bands (Journey, anyone?). The trio also discusses the perils of outdoor Christmas decorating, how to harness your authentic creative talents, and the importance of being a decent human being. Welcome to the Minnesota holiday season!

Legacy Matters Episode 10: Modern Marketing 101

The Andelin Team welcomes guest Greg Engen, President + CEO of Modern Climate, a brand navigation agency in Minneapolis. The group chats about the state of marketing and branding in the digital age, the importance of crafting an authentic story, and how to sift through the noise to find inspiration.