The Hosts

Sam Devine, James Holmberg and Sarah Anderson host the Legacy Matters podcast. You can find out a lot more about all three here.


Edith Garcia

Edith Garcia and her husband Jean-Charles are working and living in the San Francisco bay area. Edith is an artist and faculty member at Berkeley and Jean-Charles as an aerodynamics engineer for Lucid Motors. Episode #3


Mercedes Austen

Mercedes Austen founded and runs Mercury Mosaics tile in Minneapolis, MN. She is a real go getter and she makes beauty wherever she is going and getting. Episodes #5 and #9


Patricia Mack

Patti Mack, a simple girl from he country, joins Sam and Jim for a conversation. Now while she prefers to believe that she has little to offer in way of legacy, you quickly learn she has lived a rich and purpose filled life. Not so simple after-all. #7

Greg Engen

Greg is a friend of the show, a fan of the Andelin App and an all around nice man. He is also President + CEO of Modern Climate, a brand navigation agency in Minneapolis. #10

Elizabeth Emerson

Elizabeth Emerson, Vice President of Government Relations at Goff Public. Elizabeth cares about the future and the role we all must play to make it a safer and more equitable world. #13

Katie Uphus

Katie Uphus is as thoughtful and articulate a person as you would ever hope to meet. Katie works as a death doula, which was new concept for the crew. Luckily she can walk us through what that means. #14

Patrick Pryor

Patrick K. Pryor is a fixture in the Twin Cities art world. You can find him hanging out in the lobby of the Hewing Hotel where he acts as curator for the hotel’s expansive collection of artwork. #16

Betsy Weiner

Wellness coach, yoga teacher, and spiritual advisor Betsy Weiner visited with the Andelin team. A self-described “seeker”, she is committed to widening her depth and breadth of knowledge, not only for the betterment of herself but those who seek her guidance. Oh, and she is also a singer! Check out her band Stereo Kitchen. #17

Glenn Grafelman

A lifetime of work spanning the harrowed halls of UC-Berkeley to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, artist Glenn Grafelman drops by to chat about the art world, playing a good game of darts, and creating a “museum of self”. #18


This episode of Legacy Matters features a difficult but necessary conversation with my friend Amanda. Amanda lost her husband to cancer early in 2019. We talk a bit about Jason. #20

Darcy Klund

We welcome Darcy Klund - father, detective, and collector - to discuss life on the force and fond memories of beloved family. After 32 years with the City of Minneapolis Police Force, Darcy talks about passing his legacy down to the next generation. #22 and #23

Faith Boblett

On this episode Jim and Sam have a conversation with singer/songwriter Faith Boblett. As usual the conversation takes a few turns into uncharted territory. Faith talks about her early life moving to Outing MN, as well as her time spent making music here in the Twin Cities. #24


The crew welcomes the spirit of Haley McCallum into the studio for a talk about ghosts and paranormal activity. We talk a lot about the possibility of other realms and spirits amongst the living. Did you know Haley is trying her hand at comedy? #25

Catherine Gillis

Catherine Gillis, co-founder of Mobile Composer, a software development company in Minneapolis, joins us for a discussion of legacy. After a couple of minutes talking work stuff, Catherine launches into the story of her Polish family and her journey to locate long lost relatives. #26


Lazerbeak is one of this city’s music gems. An accomplished artist himself, he also heads the Doomtree Collective and record label, home to the likes of Dessa and P.O.S. #27 and #45

Mike Terry

On this episode we talk to local Minneapolis Fire Captain Mike Terry. Sarah, Sam and Jim ask questions that have clearly been percolating since kindergarten - because who didn’t want to be a fireman or firewoman when you were younger? #28

Lena Elizabeth

Singer/songwriter Lena Elizabeth joined Sam and Jim for a chat about her latest tour, the awesomeness of house shows and the joys of growing up in Minnesota. Lena is in music for the long haul! #30

Lori Barbero

Lori Barbero came into the studio just as natural as if she'd entered one of the Twin Cities music halls she's accustomed to playing. Lori is warm, friendly and less shy than most. #31

Aaron Seymour

Musician Aaron Seymour has deep roots in the Twin Cities music scene. Starting back in the 80s and 90s with the Widgets and the Delilahs and up to his most current work with X Ray Hip and Petty Demons, Aaron continues his musical journey with his current band “White Sweaters”. #32

Robyne Robinson

Television journalist, entrepreneur, former gallery owner, jewelry designer and driving force in Minnesota's art community Robyne Robinson joins the gang for a far ranging discussion of life and legacy. #33

Chris Strouth

Composer, creative, musician, producer, and experimentalist (among other talents) Chris Strouth joins the Kinetic Legacy crew. Learn about Chris’ latest project, “Paris 1919”, an experimental collective producing thought-provoking works of art. #34

Scott Streble

Photographer Scott Streble has many stories to tell. His decades long career chronicling both the high-profile and everyday person reveals an eye for uncovering the unexpected. #35

Jarret Oulman

Restauranteur, owner, and entrepreneur Jarret Oulman brings his love of the Twin Cities, community, and a good cocktail to Legacy Matters. Owner of favorite local haunts the 331 Club, The Sheridan Room and Amsterdam Bar & Hall. #36

Jill Ahlberg Yohe

Associate Curator of Native American Art Jill Ahlberg Yohe stopped in to chat with the team. Currently the Co-Curator of the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s “Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists”, Jill is surrounded by a whirlwind of excitement. #37

Adam Choe

Adam Choe from Gener8tor stops in to answer questions about start-up generators and to talk about how investment in tech is changing in the Upper-Midwest. #38

Kate Sutton-Johnson

The team chats with Kate Sutton-Johnson, Creative Director and Designer specializing in environmental, exhibit, and stage design. Warm, engaging and supremely talented, Kate is a creative force to behold. She discusses her creative process, flexing her creative muscle and acting as a role model for the next generation of design stars. #39

Christopher Atkins

Artist, curator, lecturer and photographer Christopher Atkins has a long history in the Twin Cities art world. A successful photographer and writer, his latest project chronicles barn quilts across the Midwest. #40

Amy Buchanan

The Legacy Matters team welcomes singer, creative, owner and entrepreneur Amy Buchanan to the podcast to discuss life and legacy. Amy is the true definition of a “doer of things”. #41

Lindsay Guentzel

Lindsay Guentzel is a face - a voice - you all know. A seasoned radio veteran, you will recognize Lindsay from CBS Radio, Major League Baseball, KFAN, FOX Sports North and Minnesota United FC. #43

Laurie Lindeen

Laurie Lindeen

Laurie Lindeen came in to chat with the Legacy Matters crew about life, legacy and her transition from rocker to creative writing professor. Her seemingly lighthearted nature belies a sharp wit as she shares “adventures” of her youth and growing up in Madison WI. #44